Friday, May 08, 2009

Wear To See Beauty

Fashion is unavoidable. Like the wise man who claimed that "The whole civilized world is already designed, just most of it is designed badly", fashion is an unavoidable fact of every day life. We all wear clothes - and even if the vestements I wear as I write this and you wear as you read this were not purchased for an outrageous price at one of the many Fashion House outlets such as Prada, Gucci, Chanel et. al that pervade our consumer consciousnesses and dreams of luxury, what we wear is fashion nonetheless - hopefully not bad fashion, but fashion nonetheless.

The website The Sartorialist has opened my eyes to the unavoidable fact of fashion. (Thank You for the online introduction Neenia!) The man behind the Sartorialist travels the world and takes pictures of any individuals whom strike him as particularly stylish. He doesn't discriminate between body types, socio-economic status (though most of his 'models' must have some sort of middle to upper class income), race, or age. Nor does he discriminate the fashion of his 'real life' models: they could be wearing thrift store finds or haute couture - The Sartorialist considers only fashion, not brand names. Through his online fashion photo-journalism, The Sartorialist has revealed unto me that fashion is not only possible in my life, but also that it should not be ignored.

After being introduced to The Sartorialist, I have begun to see the world differently. Bodies that passed on the street are not to be overlooked. Each individual, either at the moment of purchase or at the moment they got dressed when they rolled out of bed that morning, has made a choice as to what to wear. And each choice reveals a personal aesthetic - either inspired by current 'looks' that pervade our cultural landscape, or something that is shaped by more personal influences. The world has become a playground for walking sculptures.

I have begun to take inspiration from The Sartorialist, and delve into my closet of clothes to produce outfits that I hope the source of my inspiration would approve of, and maybe even photograph. I have accepted that I am one of the many walking sculptures that roam the streets no matter if I put effort or thought into my daily wear or not. And by accepting this inevitable fact of civilized existence, by accepting that the choice I make every morning concerning what combination of clothes I collage on my corps, I see beauty: On myself and on others. I hope that the beauty the world sees on me reflects a part of the beauty that exists within me. Because, as I roam the streets critiquing, appreciated, and admiring fashion, I begin not only to see bodies walking by, but the hint of a person: The sculptural art of the moving, breathing individual living in the world.

Fashion has shown me wear to see beauty.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


"What colours are these available in?"

"Well, we have the green, a purple colour, sort of mauve, red, and white."

"Do you have it in pink?"

"Well the mauve colour we carry is very close to pink. But if you think that she'd definitely want it in pink, I'll ask."

I'm taken aback. "No pink!?" I think to myself. I recover. No need to make a scene.

"It's just that I think that pink would match. I think that a pink teapot would compliment her kitchen and dining room."

"Well you could always go for the classic white."

I frown. "White's boring", I mentally scoff.

"Actually, maybe the red one would work. She has red china. With red pansies."

"It's always a good idea that the teapot match the china."

"I'll take the red one."

"I'll wrap that up for you. I'm sure she'll love it."

I'm sure of it too. The only thing is that "she" is a he. And he is my boyfriend.