Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not Corporately Recognized

He's back. He has been out of the country for almost two years and he is finally back.

Home. To stay.

So he has to get a new cell phone. The weird thing about getting a new cell phone is you have to give the Corporate company that is selling you your mobile service a different phone number just in case you decide to stop paying your bill and they shut off your service and they need to hunt you down for their money.

So he's back. He's back so he can be with me. He's back for other reasons but mostly so he can be with me. Yet, when giving the Corporate company an alternate phone number he gives them his mothers phone number and not mine. But I thought he was back to be with me! He is not here so he can be with his mother!

So, unofficially, through word and deed only, but not financially or legally documented, he is back. For me. Not for his mother.

Maybe according to facebook we are in a relationship. But according to Telus, I am nobody to him.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Left You But Never Went Anywhere At All

I have been away. That's not to say that I have not been where I usually am. I have not been on vacation or out of the country on business. I just have not been blogging. And for you, my readers, that means I have been away. In the abstract and non-phenomological terms of cyber space, I have been away.

But here I am. Writing to you. For you. To me. For myself. I am back.
Changed but the same. Different.

It has not been that I am without ideas. Ideas are the source, the point of departure, for all creative activity. I can think of in this moment many times in which I have been out and about living my life and an idea struck me. I have just been lazy. I have just been lazy and cowardly. I just have not put these ideas out there in cyber space. What good is an idea it is not shared?

So I have mustered the energy and the time to make time and energy to share my ideas with you, my dearest blogger friends. I have been neglecting you and I don't want to be that guy. You are important to me, both in your blogger cyberspace manifestations of your unique personalities, and you as people, as friends. So I reach out through non-spatial cyberspace with an idea to touch the lives and hearts of my online friends. I reach out with one single idea.

To be friends. To reach out. To share. To say something. Anything.
It is not the content. It is not the thought that counts either. It is the action that means the world. Or in this case, it is the action that means all of cyber space.