Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Little Kingdom (Part I)

This is the bedroom of which I am the crowned Prince.
I am master of this domain.

I decide when it's smoking and when it's non smoking.
I control invitations to the parties thrown in my bedroom.
I establish the laws and enforce justice here.
I sleep, eat, fuck, read, write, jack off, talk, dress, watch, and play here.
I do whatever I want when I want to here.
I run customs and immigration.
I live here.
This is my bedroom.
I am it's Prince.

The Guilt Of Lazy Days

I woke up late. Purposefully. I guess you can say I "slept in", but because I regret "sleeping in" I consider it "waking up late". I lost precious hours to do something (I am not sure what I would have done) while I was sleeping much longer than necessary. Eight hours of sleep is sufficient. Ten hours is excessive. I think I managed eleven hours of sleep last night (and this morning). And despite feeling remorse for the time lost while sleeping, I've not done anything of note with my day. Yes I have read oodles of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but for whatever reason, I don't think that counts. Yes I've made a CD of random pop hits for a co-worker, but somehow that doesn't count in my mind either. And here I am, blogging about how I should be doing more with my time. Somehow blogging about it doesn't seem to count either.

Here is my Blog!

My friend told me I should blog. Here is my blog. He said that I could write entertaining provocative things that would interest strangers. Here is my blog. He thinks that bloggin would help me be a better writer. Here is my blog. He inspired me to blog because of his blog. Here is my blog. Stream of consciouness is good. Here is my blog. Not knowing whom you are talking to. Here is my blog. Telling secrets to the world and knowing they'll never tell. Here is my blog. Documenting a fractured tale of my own life. Here is my blog. I want to be a "Blogger". Here is my blog. I like typing on my computer. Here is my blog. Blogging is a good way to pass the time? Here is my blog. I will write my blog in my bedroom. Here is my blog. All I am currently wearing is my bedsheet. Here is my blog. When I die, this will still be here. Here is my blog.

(Insert Picture of My Blog)

Here is my blog.