Monday, February 08, 2010

Respect the Rule

Someone stole my umbrella today.

Last time it rained, I brought my umbrella to campus with me as usual. Because I didn't want the wet umbrella to soak the rest of my clothes, I placed it in the locker next to the one in which I placed my clothes. I only had one lock, and so I placed it on the locker with my clothes. Upon my return, not only was my own umbrella left in the locker next to my locked locker, but, someone else had placed their umbrella in that locker as not to soak their clothes as well.

This time it rained, I did the same thing. Figuring that, like last time, anyone who noticed my umbrella in the unlocked locker they would realize, like a gentleman did last time, that I had placed my umbrella in a separate locker as to keep my clothes dry. This time, whoever saw my umbrella in the unlocked locker did not offer the courtesy and understanding to leave my umbrella there, but instead they took it for themselves.

Now this all sounds rather inane. I should just lock my stuff up, you say. But what occurred to me is the fine line in which we respect the Golden Rule and we avoid the possibility of having another individual be able to respect that Golden Rule. In this case, the first time, the gentleman didn't take my umbrella but actually supposed that he should expect the same courtesy and kindness that I also expected by placing my umbrella in the unlocked locker. The umbrella in the unlocked locker offered him an opportunity to respect the Golden Rule. The locker with my clothes locked inside never offers anyone the opportunity to respect that Golden Rule.

This may seem obvious to you all, but today I realized that our world would be so much better if not only we always did follow the Golden Rule when the circumstances demanded it, but also that the world would be much better if the world we lived in didn't require measures that preventived each other the opportunities to respect that Golden Rule.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making Conversation

Conversation should not be "made". Rather, conversation should be the product of a reaction between two energies, two particles made up of neutrons and electrons and protons of ideas, opinions, feelings and experiences colliding a speeds faster than that of sound or light. Conversation should be explosive yet effortless.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Whoever postulated this is very wise...

"To have friends, you must be a friend."

Even here in the city where I grew up and where I now reconnect with people I knew in highschool, all it takes to rekindle a friendship is to be a friend; to pick up the phone, send an email, arrange some time to spend some time together. We may not have much in common after ten years living separate lives, but just to share our lives gives us something in common: We are living in a world and sharing our lives in this world with each other makes us friends again.

These are also very wise words...

"Nothing is lost forever"

Let us be friendly.

Let us be friends.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Lost In Time

I'm on vacation. Holiday. Not working. I have time on my hands. Too much time.

I feel lost.

My days are not empty. I meet with a friend for lunch or a coffee. I read. I correspond with friends from afar through texts or email. I go for a run or a swim. I do. I act. Yet, my days are not full.

To be on vacation means not to work. Maybe I am so well trained by our capitalist system I intuitively understand time in a produce/consume paradigm. Unless I have 'worked', or unless I spent the money I have earned from working, unless I have actively contributed to the production and/or consumption of goods and/or services, I do not feel that the use of my time has been worthwhile. Maybe in our capitalist system we are taught without work, time has no value.

My psyche exists in a conflicted state: My time interacting with friends, reading, or maintaining physical fitness is worthwhile, but then why do I feel I am not making the most of my (free) time?

I am lost in time. How can I find myself?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


These gifts I give you I give so even when I'm gone I'm still present in your life.

The scarf. The tea pot. The photo. Even the rack you use to dry your dishes.

I am here. In your kitchen. In your bedroom. Around your neck.

I don't want you to escape me.

Because I can not escape you.

I've Got Something To Say

The need to speak is irrepressible.

I'm back.